A month after giving birth to her twins, Beyoncé finally debuted the little ones the world in a glorious Instagram post, while also confirming their rumored names: Sir Carter and Rumi. 

Before Bey actually confirmed the names of her twin newborns, Jimmy Kimmel Lie Witness News segment hit the streets of Hollywood, asking people to congratulate JAY-Z and Queen Bey on their twins ... with fake names. And the funny part is many people believed the names were real!

The camera crew tricked people on the street into thinking the power couple had give their twins names like Zumba and Zika, Denver and Omelette, Bed Bath and Beyoncé, Pantene and Neosporin, among a list of other hilarious options. 

And then you had this hero in the background celebrating the twins with a good old fashioned Dab:

Dab Kid

Watch the full video above!